Saturday Meta 09/22/07

September 22, 2007

Answering the call from last week, nursemyra has sent in an entry for Mikka in our everlasting Renal Failure Character Art Contest.


We’re not sure what it means (Aussies tend to be a quirky bunch), but at least someone thought enough of Mikka to send something in.

Also Renal Failure just went over 10,000 hits since we’ve been on WordPress.  Is that pretty good for being around for less than nine months?

Do us a solid and click on the Humor Blogs link in our sidebar when you visit here. We’re slipping on the Humor Blogs leaderboard. The clicks and reviews make up the Humor Blogs composite score, so while we can’t depend on a review from them anytime soon we can at least get the clicks to boost us. And who knows, maybe you’ll find some funny blogs over there after you’ve gotten your Renal Failure fill.

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  1. “do us a solid”?

    you know that ha a different meaning at the gimcrack don’t you?

  2. It also a different connotation for people who own glass coffee tables.

  3. I could tell a story about a minor tv celebrity and a suggestion he made to a friend of mine once….. but I might get sued….

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