Saturday Meta 01/05/08

January 5, 2008

Good news for Huey Lewis and the News fans… Diesel won his bet with elasticwaistbandlady over at The Smiling Infidel.  Huey is now officially an unappreciated genius.  Now the elasticwaistbandlady owes us a year’s worth of devotion to Huey and the News. Thanks to all from the Renal Failure ranks who voted.

For those looking for help on participating in our Renal Failure Character Art Contest, check this site out: UGO’s Hero Machine. That’s how I made this representation of Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat’s fair and lovely Irish wife Marlie…


Yeah… Bernie really likes it when she dresses all Celtic for him.

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  1. Lookie what you’ve done. I have been on that super hero site for over an hour now. And I’m still not done building the super waitress :) Haha

  2. yay! we won!

    ok, you’ve hinted long enough. I’m off to find another character art entry

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