XBox Live Infidels Beware!

June 26, 2006

Mikka and I found out that the Prophet Muhammad plays Halo 2 on XBox Live.

And he’s fucking tenacious.

He’s quiet on the headset until he picks you off with his sniper rifle, then you get an earful of “Another glorious kill for Allah’s Messenger!” And if you kill him he gets really pissed off and vows fiery retribution, usually in the form of a Needler barrage or a sneaky rocket launcher attack. Oh, and he’ll run up the score on you. He doesn’t care if he’s up by 40 kills. The Prophet shows no mercy.

Mikka was surprised to find out Muhammad doesn’t blow himself up with plasma grenades to take out other players.

Muhammad’s no-nonsense joyless style of play, and his grandiose proclamations and damnations with each kill, and his constant use of the cheap-ass Plasma Pistol/Battle Rifle combo suck all the fun out of playing multiplayer Halo 2. So we try to play during one of the five times a day that Muslims have to pray toward Mecca. He’s busy then.

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