Retitled Christmas Post Reposted to Avoid Spam Bots

December 24, 2006

It’s Christmas!

Bernie the half-cyborg cat got a new catnip mouse.

Mikka got a Nintendo Wii, and has already dislocated his shoulder playing it.

Ninja Vicki got a free account to E-Harmony.com from her parents. She is now no longer on speaking terms with them.

Tina the Lesbian got a gift card for Best Buy. There’s no joke there. Does it surprise you that a lesbian shops at Best Buy? Does that shock you? Has your mind been blown?

Fur Elise got a case of furry suit disinfectant, because the insides of those suits get downright toxic when you wear them for a long time in warm weather.

Tag Larkin got probation for beating that Salvation Army guy in front of the mall with his own bell. Because Tag Larkin doesn’t give till it hurts, he hurts till it gives. And in case, it was the Salvation Army guy’s skull that gave after repeated blows with from a metal bell smacking against it.


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