Is that Ramen Noodle Seasoning or Ashes?

January 11, 2007

“The guy who invented instant noodles died,” I say to Mikka.

“You know, I never thought that someone had to invent Cup Noodles,” says Mikka.

“What? Did you think there were fields of instant noodles where workers in big straw hats harvested bricks of ramen from the Ramen Trees?” I say.

Mikka just blinks.

“Oh hell, you did, didn’t you?” I say. “Who told you there were Ramen Trees?”

“I came up with that on my own,” says Mikka. “Hell, these things are so cheap they had to have been grown on trees. How else to explain their low, low price?”

Everyone’s dropping dead these days. If Dr. Fad dies next, I think we’re just going to lose our damn minds.

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