Saturday Meta 04/14/07

April 14, 2007

Okay… not a lot of responses for the last Saturday Meta. Well, let’s run head first into that concrete wall again and see if something different happens.

What do you read Renal Failure for? The Wild Fabrications or the Outright Lies? Or something else? Bonus pony points for an explanation longer than 15 words.


  1. Oooh, longer than 15 words? That bar’s kinda high isn’t it?

    I enjoy the Wild Fabrications the most, although the Outright Lies can also be entertaining. Whoever the shadowy mastermind of Renal Failure is, s/he is a genius of dark humor.

    How many pony points do i have now, and when can i redeem them for my pony?

  2. I enjoy both the wild fabrications and outright lies. I chuckle a lot, although I rarely comment. Generally speaking I find commenting to be well, very scary. I might expose the fact that I misunderstood what you were saying and in doing I may appear stupid [horrors].

  3. Don’t worry, what I write is largely misunderstood anyway, perhaps by design. And if you dare not to look stupid, you’ll never know what it is to be smart. See, that sounds dumb, but on the other hand it could be very intelligent. Embrace the chaos of wild fabrications and outright lies!

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