Saturday Meta 04/21/07

April 21, 2007

Okay… let’s go a different route with Saturday Meta, since the old route gets almost no comments whatsoever. Let’s make this place interactive and visually pretty at the same time.

It’s the first Renal Failure contest ever!

We want artistic representations/drawings of your favorite and not-so-favorite Renal Failure characters. Show the world what you think Ninja Vicki or Tag Larkin or Mikka looks like. Or even choose a minor character that no one else but you likes. The possibilities are endless.

E-mail your entries to renalfailure at gmail dot com.

Winners will be put on display on the blog, so make your entries GIF or JPG files. And please don’t send massively huge files. They don’t give us a lot of memory space here on WordPress to store them, and the less I have to scale down a picture to make it fit, the better. So just make it big enough for a webpage, not a full-page Maxim Magazine pictorial.  And speaking of Maxim, let’s keep the entries at a Maxim level.  We don’t want any entries of Tag Larkin singing Deep River with his genitals swinging about.

Prizes?  Admiration from the Renal Failure audience and your work posted for everyone to see on Renal Failure.  But all entries get pony points!  Some get more pony points than others.

Contest will be open until May 31st, so that’s a month and a half to get drawing.  Each week’s entries will be featured on Saturday.  Judging will be done by the Renal Failure cast and crew.  Any questions, email me at Renalfailure at Gmail… savvy?
Do it for the children!  Do it for Johnny!


  1. Damn you! I am unable to draw anything more than stick people. I want my pony points!!!

  2. I think I know what Jeff Malton looks like…….. check your inbox soon

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