Cover letter: World Bank

May 4, 2007

Dear World Bank,

I am interested in your soon-to-be open position of President of the World Bank. I believe I have many unique qualities that make me qualified for such an important position. I understand the principle of compound interest and have had a checking account for the past six years. Also I do not have a girlfriend to improperly promote through your organization, unlike your current president Paul Wolfowitz. I also do not have the full confidence, or even any amount of confidence, of current U.S. President George W. Bush. This means, scientifically, that I am actually competent at what I do. My contact information is enclosed on page two of this letter. References can be furnished upon request.

Thank you for your time in considering my application,
(name redacted at the request of Portuguese Intelligence)



  1. If you get the job can I have an interest free loan?

  2. Sure! Interest-free loans for all my readers who leave comments! The rest of my readers will just get really good rates on a CD or money market account.

  3. Ah man , this made my day! googled “cover letter worldbank” and got this! Hahahaaa :)

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