Saturday Meta 05/12/07

May 12, 2007

No entries this week from anyone regarding the Renal Failure Character Art Contest. You’ve got till the end of May, people. Email your artistic represenations of a Renal Failure character to renalfailure (at) gmail (dot) com. Pony points abound!

Also, we’re still looking for blogs to hypothetically start a blog war with. Who would you like to see Renal Failure pick a fight with? So far our prospective targets as left by others are Raincoaster and Papersurfer’s Dad. Come on, surely Renal Failure has a larger enemies list than this. (disclaimer: Renal Failure will not actually start a blog war… unless attacked. Then it’s fucking on!)

You may have noticed the “Fuel My Blog” widget in the sidebar. Hey, do us a solid and click on that everytime you visit the site, would ya? The more times people “fuel” Renal Failure, the better our chances being blog of the day over at Fuel My Blog, which then will bring more readers here. And that would be super cool.

Cool mini banners are also on the sidebar, in case you want to link to Renal Failure with flair.

And give some love to our gothic weather girl Aislinn Sylvan, dutifully reporting the weather in Calgary, Alberta, Canada… where we are not located.  Because we’re liars.

One comment

  1. how about a blog war with Evil Dildo?

    it would make a good headline:

    Evil Dildo causes Renal Failure

    (I fuelled your blog in case you took offence at the losing implications of that headline)

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