At least we got 22 good years out of it

May 25, 2007

The local sci-fi geek contigency in town used to dress up as Star Wars characters every May 25th to commemerate the date when Star Wars first hit theaters back in 1977.  But not anymore.

Now they hold mock funerals.

There’s a gravestone out in the woods where they buried their Star Wars: Special Edition tapes and DVDs.  The stone is marked “Star Wars: Born May 25th, 1977.  Suffered a coma May 19th, 1999.  Slipped into a vegetative state May 16, 2002.  Put out of its misery May 19, 2005.”

“Those more recent dates are when the prequels came out,” Mikka says to me.

“Yeah, I really can’t watch those first three movies anymore,” I say.  “Can’t really see Darth Vader anymore as the baddest motherfucker in the galaxy after seeing him be a whiny bitch in his younger years.  The only thing Star Wars that I can watch are fan-made parodies.  Like Vader Sessions and Ryan vs. Dorkman.”

“I went to see Episode III with my friend Bojing and he was dressed as a stormtrooper,” says Mikka.  “When we walked out of the theater, he walked over to the trashcan, dropped his helmet in it, and walked away.  Didn’t say a word on the ride home.   He just sat there shaking his head.”

“Do you think Lucas can resurrect it with that TV series coming in 2009 about what happens between Episodes III and IV?” I ask.

“I’ve lost all faith,” Mikka forlornly says.

I haven’t seen Mikka this depressed since he found out the Cylons on the new Battlestar Galactica show looked human.

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