This puts the “aw” in awkward

July 2, 2007

Mikka has a problem.

Mikka was a big fan of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, and has a large library of his best matches and such that he watches every now and then when nothing’s on TV.

Then last week Chris Benoit killed his wife, child, and himself.

“So do I have to throw out all my tapes?” Mikka asks me. “Because they’re really good matches, and Benoit was such a great performer, and I spent so much time compiling those tapes.”

“I had a similar problem with OJ Simpson and the Naked Gun movies,” I say. “I say wait three years, then they’re okay to watch again without feeling too weird.”

“Does that apply to Roman Polanski movies?” asks Mikka.

“No, you can only watch Polanski movies made before he banged that 13-year old,” I say. “So that’s anything before 1978. That’s why I can still watch Chinatown without feeling weird about it.”

It’s good to have principles, especially about things that aren’t very important.


  1. I have trouble watching Charlton Heston movies

  2. I know a few people who are having that problem…

  3. In your case, daddy papersurfer, only watch the Chuck Heston movies where he doesn’t wield a gun.

  4. what about listening to phil spector productions?

  5. Give Phil Spector three years off… this also goes for Gary Glitter.

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