Saturday Meta 10/13/07

October 13, 2007

It’s been a big week for Renal Failure. First, we’re in the Top Ten over at Humor-Blogs.com, which means our readers have been extra good about clicking the Humor-Blogs.com link under “Popularity Contests.” So thanks to all of you for taking the precious seconds to click that for us and send us up the leaderboard. Plus we’re getting a lot of attention from over there because we’re in queue for a review, which will help our overall score a lot. And we’re part of their front page feed as well.

Also, Renal Failure won the Caption Contest over at the FuelMyBlog blog. I will be getting a random item from some guy named Kevin’s cupboard, and I won’t know what it is until it gets here. Now if only we could win the Caption Contests over at Diesel’s place

It was a big week for hits, so let me tell our new readers about the ever-continuing Renal Failure Character Art Contest. Renal Failure is looking for artistic representations of our illustrious cast of characters. See here for our past entries by readers. You give us an entry, we give you pony points. And everyone loves pony points.

Send your image file entries to… emailbanner2.jpg

And if you feel like dressing up as your favorite Renal Failure character, send us pics of that too.

Now go outside. It’s Saturday.


  1. Your captions always seem to lose out to the flashier options in the end, but I’m telling you, they make me laugh every time. Keep trying.

  2. yippee – now you’re number 8!

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