Just because it’s a video game doesn’t mean it’s fun.

December 10, 2007

Mikka wants to buy a new game. He really wants that Rock Band video game, but he doesn’t have three other friends to make the purchase worthwhile. He’s already beaten all three Guitar Hero games.

“Well, there’s Data Entry Hero,” I say as I stand with Mikka in the local video game shoppe. “It’s a faithful recreation of the tedious excitement of being a data entry clerk.”

“I don’t know…” Mikka says. “Why does it cost as much as Rock Band?”

“Because it comes with its own little cubicle for you to play in,” I say.

“I think I need some less pricy,” Mikka says.

“What about Library Hero?” I say, reading the back of the box. “Put books on shelves and catalog information… TO THE EXTREME!”

“What’s a library?” Mikka asks.

“Never mind,” I say. “How about you get Blog Hero? It recreates the thrilling world of running your own web log, without having actual writing skills. You can be a political blogger, or a tech blogger, or even a mommy blogger.”

“No games that require me to read,” says Mikka. “I’m sick of reading in my video games. That’s why I’m glad all my role playing games have voice actors now.”

“I think we’ve found the game for you,” I say. “It’s for the Wii. Drunk Dad Hero. Play the first simulation that places you in the shoes with an abusive chemically-dependent father. Comes complete with a leather belt controller that you have to lash at the screen.”

“No, if I want that experience I can peek next door at my neighbors,” Mikka says.

Then suddenly Mikka sees the game he wants, and he buys it immediately. And I spend the rest of the night watching Mikka play Marriage Hero, which is the closest thing to a real marriage he will ever get. There is a two-player mode, but I wouldn’t play it because Mikka would have made me play as the wife in the game, and I change my last name for no man.


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  1. “How about you get Blog Hero? It recreates the thrilling world of running your own web log, without having actual writing skills.”

    I think I’d be quite good at that game.

  2. “Daddy drinks because you’re bad!”

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