Saturday Meta 12/15/07

December 15, 2007

We’ve been slipping on the Humor-blogs.com leaderboard lately. We were down as low as 16th this week. Just a click a day on that Humor-blogs.com link under Popularity Contests will keep us safely in the Top Ten, and may just possibly send us to Number One. There’s always new challengers popping up over there at Humor-Blogs, and we need your help to let them all know that this is Renal Country.

Looks like we’ve got a lot of new readers to Renal Failure (we’re averaging about 100 day at least), so now is a good time to mention our eternal Renal Failure Character Art Contest again. We want our readership to email us artistic representations of our illustrious cast of characters, which now include Samurai Cathy.

Email your entries to: emailbanner2.jpg

At this time, let’s open the floor to our readers with a question regarding this upcoming Saturnalia season (which Christmas stole most of their shit from): Which Renal Failure character would you most want to be under the mistletoe with? And let’s not all rush to say me; that’s the easy way out of this question.


  1. Sweet. I’ll see what I can come up with.

    BTW, part of the reason you’re slipping was probably my fault. I broke the referral tracker thingy. It should be working now though. So everybody, make sure you click on the green banner with the little kitty on it over to the right. One click can make a difference.

  2. I wish people would click my kitty… Oh god its comments like that, that stop people clicking it isnt it.

  3. black jesus. or maybe ninja vicki.

    maybe black jesus and ninja vicki together

  4. there’s definitely something wrong with the referral tracker. I vote for you religiously every time I log on but you’re going down a slippery slope lately

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