Do it for Huey! For America! For 9/11!

December 21, 2007

As one of the forebearers of the Huey Lewis movement, Renal Failure is obligated to help out whenever the Horn of the News is sounded by a fellow guardian of the Huey Lewis faith.

Fellow Hueyian Diesel is engaged in what he calls the Huey-pocalypse with The Ecstatic Infidel at The Smiling Infidel.  Go to the poll on this page and vote that Huey Lewis is an under appreciated genius who deserves our undying gratitude and respect.   If Huey wins, Ecstatic Infidel has to bow to the Power of Love and convert.  If Huey loses, Diesel can no longer mention Huey Lewis on his blog again.  And Renal Failure leaves no comrade behind!  Also, our participation may just make Diesel hurry up with fixing the broken Humor-blogs.com scoring system (Renal Failure in 25th place?  Nah, man, something is definitely wrong with the referral scores).

Voting goes until December 31st.   Do it for Huey!


  1. So far, Huey is kicking ass. I’d almost feel bad for the ant-Hueyians if they weren’t all pedophile communists.

    I’m pretty sure the referral thing is working, dude. It says you’ve only referred one visitor in the past 7 days. When I clicked on your banner, it went up to 2. You need to start clicking your own banner once a day like I do. :)

  2. I’m glad to see Diesel admitting in a public forum all about how he likes to click himself.

    I’m taking it easy until after the Christmas….no sense dragging war into a time of peace and love and all that blah, blah. I also like giving people a false sense of confidence and then smacking them down at the last minute.

  3. May your whole cast of delightful characters as well as their inventor experience a wonderful holidays season full of good cheer and love. :)

  4. I beg to differ about the referral thing. I click on renalfailure’s humourblog widget EVERY day. so at the vey minimum he should be showing 7 clicks for the last 7 days.

    and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who clicks that widget.

    so what gives?

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