Saturday Meta 12/22/07

December 22, 2007

We went over 20,000 hits on Thursday.  Give it up for round numbers, for they are easy to use as arbitrary benchmarks.

We’ve got entries to our eternal Renal Failure Character Art Contest. Pope Terry has provided two entries for our amusement.

First is Anonymous Doug… give him a click to take in his full-sized splendor…

Pope Terry’s Anonymous Doug

And then there’s our first ever Psycho Dave entry…

Pope Terry’s Psycho Dave

So for the first time a while, we get to give out Pony Points! How precious and valuable are Pony Points? They’re so precious and valuable that they are unredeemable anywhere! Even better, they’re non-quantifiable.

Remember, this contest is eternal so feel free to send in your entries whenever. But sooner is better.


And if you haven’t voted for Huey yet, do it already.   It’s not like I’m asking you to give money to cancer kids, this is serious.

One comment

  1. Congratulations, Hmmm you get over 20,000 hits just as you post my pictures… coincidence, yeah probably is isnt it.

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