Saturday Meta 01/26/08

January 26, 2008

We were number one over at Humor Blogs for a brief period of time. Thursday morning to be precise. Sure, the scoring system over there was on the fritz, but we made it to the top of the mountain anyway, and when the rules of math were no longer in effect so that should count for something.

If you want us to get back to Number One, remember to click on the humor-blogs link either on our sidebar, or below one of our posts, every day you come here. And if you’re FuelMyBlog member, give us a fuel while you’re here.

Speaking of our sidebar, you may have noticed the new Main Renal Players section over there. Just part of our attempts to liven the place up a bit for our readers.

Oh yeah… how do you like the new title banner?



  1. Its all looking very fancy.

  2. love it. tres cool.

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