A National Tragedy Never Tasted So Good!

January 30, 2008

For my birthday on Monday (Jan. 28), a member of my pub quiz team made me a cake. No, not a Naughty Cake. A Space Shuttle Challenger cake!



And it was Sacrilicious!

No word yet on whether my friend is going to start a business of making birthday cakes out of national tragedies, but I do know a girl whose birthday is Pearl Harbor Day, and she’s going to need a cake.


This summer I hear the drummin’… four dead in Humor-blogs.com


  1. Dear Cake Eater,

    Can I commission your friend to bake a cake for a very special occasion and a tragedy very close to my heart.

    The Black Plague of the 1340’s. I would like a cake of a rat, preferably with the bacterium yersinia pestis as icing.

    Gorgeously delicious.

    Prof Scrub

  2. You ate it? More appropriate would have been to gather chunks of it in your fists and throw it all over the place.

  3. Prof. Scrub’s idea of the Bubonic Plague Rememberance Cake may not go down to well with cake lovers, especially if the cake tastes of marzipan, icing sugar and viral death.

  4. For my grandfather’s eightieth b-day. last year, we made a WWII plane cake. Ironically, he has a lot of Asian friends. So we baked a separate cake of a grenade and served it to just the asians. Then we sat back and had a good laugh as it exploded in their mouths. Now that’s just desserts!

  5. I’m kidding, of course…it did not explode. But the rest was true. There was a plane and a grenade cake, and most of the asians did choose the grenade cake. Which was hilarious to me because they didn’t even see the symbolism and irony of it all. Of course, I was the only sick bastard laughing about it. I’m Politically Incorrect that way!

  6. Happy belated birthday, you. That does look like one tasty disaster (why do I feel like I’ve said that more than once in my lifetime?).

  7. Too soon!

  8. you’re in a pub quiz team? I’d like to be part of that team!

    happy birthday x

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