I thought for sure we’d be rated “MA” for “Mad Awesome”

February 10, 2008

Renal Failure does not do memes, considering this is a blog of lies so no one would ever believe our answers. But we do accept awards being passed on to us because we’re shallow and love trinkets.

Excellent award

So we proudly accept this award from Archie of Archie’s Archive, who got it off Kim from Laketrees who got it from Kris of Art and Clairvoyance who got it from Irene from Sweet Wood Talking who got it from Omega Mum from 3KidsNoJob who got it from Dumdad of The Other Side of Paris who got it from Ian Lidster at Or So I Thought who got it from cs at Another Tangential Thinker, but we can’t find out where she got it from. And if all this sounds like a cautionary tale about herpes, you’re absolutely right, it does.

We’re not quite sure on the rules for this award because we can’t seem to find where it originated, but Archie passed this award onto six bloggers he likes so we’re going to do the same.

nursemyra – her corset collection alone is excellent, her tales from the Gimcrack Hospital and medical advice is excellenter.

Riding With Rickey – pretending to blog as one of the greatest leadoff hitters in baseball history is excellent. Plus it also sort of reminds of one of the greatest TV shows of all time “I’m With Busey.”

Lord Likely – our favorite 19th century aristocrat, plowing his massive Lord Palmerston into the moist gash of history.

ian in hamburg – we get our financial advice from him, which is mostly “RUN!!!”

See Mike Draw – the only blog to break the 70 point mark on Humor-blogs.com reviews, and it very much deserved to.

The FuelMyBlog blog – for all things FuelMyBlog, and more! Also, a lot of bloggers we like write for this blog so this is a good way to scoop up all of them for this award.

So, for our winners, pass this along to six other people. Sometimes meaningless internet awards are enough to make someone’s day. It will certainly give them something to display on their sidebar at least.



  1. ROFL…RF
    boy oh boy have you done your research or what !!!
    shallow….meaningless awards…toooo too funny :)

  2. Huzzah! What a marvellous award! Many thanks indeed.

    I shall see to it that my man-servant polishes it up nicely. AND the award.

    (Haha! I was referring to my todger there, you see).

  3. Congratulations to the winners and to you RF for winning, one day I hope to recive meaningless yet shiny awards.

  4. thanks renal failure, hope you’re taking all my excellenter advice :-)

    I’m flattered and grateful for the award but can I pass mine on to Alex L? I hate to see a grown man unadorned by shiny things


  5. Shining happy people holding hands… wait what

  6. […] first one is for headbang and Renal Failure, who both gave me the E for Excellence writing […]

  7. […] many thanks to Renal Failure for bestowing a fine award upon his lordship. He is naturally very grateful, and wishes to pass it […]

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