Saturday Meta 02/16/08

February 16, 2008

Well, we just got edged out in Diesel’s Caption Contest this week.  But we did carry the Australian vote, so that’s something.  Alas, we did not win a new shiny trinket for our side bar.

Also, we’re in danger of falling off the Top 30 list at Humor-Blogs.com.  The new scoring system now gives equal weight to review score and how many people have clicked on the Humor-Blogs.com widget on our sidebar to visit the site and we’ve been slowly slipping down the leaderboard ever since.  Our 66 review score isn’t holding up, so we need those clicks.   So if you’re not clicking, start.  And you if you have been clicking, click harder.  Grunt a little while you do it.

Keep rockin’ the Failure.


  1. nursemyra doesn’t grunt. it’s not attractive for women. on the other hand I love a man who grunts, it’s so primal….

  2. ungh… gruuuunt!… do you reckon she heard that.

  3. yes I did :-)

    can you do it again, I’m almost there

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