Saturday Meta 04/05/08

April 5, 2008

FuelmyBlog Live co-host Paul found a new blog directory called Blogged that will not only list your blog but rate it too. Our initial score was 6.8.

Renal Failure at Blogged

Apparently other readers can rate us and boost our score, so you should definitely do that because 6.8 is low for a blog of our caliber. Good? No, no, no… Renal Failure is god damn awesome!

And Renal Failure continues its recent dominance of caption contests by winning the FuelMyBlog Blog2Print caption contest this past Monday. Not only that, our win was broadcast on FuelMyBlog Live for all the world to see… if you happened to be online that morning.

There’s a vacation in Renal Failure’s near future.  Either later this month or next month.  That means you get our Turn Back the Renal Clock feature, where we present past posts that newer readers may have missed and older readers may have forgotten.   Because everybody needs a little time away… I heard her say…

And we thank you for your continued support of Renal Failure.

cathy smallnote

One comment

  1. Thank you for alerting me to the presence of another web-site where I can mercilessly whore my wondrous writings!

    And congratulations on extending your monopoly on humourous caption writing. Soon, all captions shall be yours.

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