Love is a Flawless Victory

April 8, 2008

“So does Samurai Cathy partake in your love of video games?” I ask.

“She tries,” says Mikka. “She didn’t have a Nintendo growing up. Plus she really didn’t have time for video games anyway, training to be a samurai and all. But she’s willing to give it a go.”

“I take it you’re not playing any Halo or first-person shooters with her,” I say.

“No, she’s all about fighting games,” says Mikka. “Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat…”

“I can see her liking the Soul Calibur games,” I say. “They have a samurai character. But I’m surprised she likes Mortal Kombat. It’s full of ninjas.”

“But you can rip the heads off those ninjas,” says Mikka. “She likes that.”

“So how is she in these games?” I ask.

“Not very good,” says Mikka. “I sort of feel bad when I whoop up on her.”

“Ever thought of taking it easy on her?” I say. “Maybe not go all out?”

“No, she won’t let me,” says Mikka. “If you hold back against a samurai, they consider it an insult.”

“So your girlfriend actually wants you to kick her ass in video games?” I say.


“I think you’re going to marry this girl, Mikka,” I say.

mikka smallnote

I don’t want anybody else, when I think about humor-blogs.com I touch myself…


  1. He’s so romantic not letting his girlfriend win.

  2. When’s the wedding?

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