Some gave more, we all gave less

May 19, 2008

So President Bush stopped playing golf while the war in Iraq was/is on.  Well, actually, he said he gave it up in August 2003 when the top United Nations guy in Iraq was killed.  Well, actually, he kept playing until October 2003.  But still, sacrifices were made!

Anyway it got us talking down at the bar about what sacrifices we made for the war effort.

“I gave up golf too,” says Bernie the half-cyborg cat.  Actually he was banned from the local course for treating the sand traps as a litter box.

“Well, I gave up owning my Lexus for the war,” I say, neglecting to mention I had help from the repo man and a pissed off bank that was dumb enough to give me a loan.

“I gave up using Internet Explorer and went to Firefox full time,” says Mikka.

“How about you?” I say to Nikki Vowelsdower, a young woman who’s husband is serving in Iraq on his third tour.

“I gave up the ability to hear the doorbell ring without breaking down in a hysterical crying fit,” NikkI Vowelsdower says, chasing a handful of Lexapro with a vodka tonic.

“Well, at least you’re allowed on the golf course,” says Bernie.




  1. I gave up working, so I wouldn’t have to pay taxes for this stupid war.

  2. This might be my favorite RF post of all time. And KO might be my favorite person of all time.

  3. amen.

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