Too hot for Houghton Mifflin

May 23, 2008

Still no nibbles from any publishers on our superb hot new internet fad book idea: Political Pundits Who Look Like Child Molesters. This is getting disheartening, but it’s at least given me something easy to put up here on these lazy Fridays. Besides, Fridays should be spent over at Nursemyra’s anyway.

But we continue on, because it’s a labor of love. Of money. That we’ll be getting when we finally get a book deal off this.

This week we further show our range by turning our attention to Internet pundits.

First, we have Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit…

He’s a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s computer geek child molester, the kind that would invite kids down to his basement to play Dungeons and Dragons or jam away on a Commodore 64. And then it would be picture time…

Next up, John Hinderaker from PowerLine…

Okay, he already has one strike against him because his self-given online moniker used to be “Hindrocket.” The next two strikes are for looking like a skeevy Scoutmaster. Young Webelos, if you grab his Arrow of Light you can earn your “Keeping Secrets” merit badge.

Lastly, there’s National Review Online’s John Derbyshire…

Holy juggling-while-unicycling Mohammad! He looks like this and he writes about how much he likes the novel Lolita? Someone check his basement.

I guess I could self-print… but I just don’t want to have a book. I want to have a book and a big-ass advance check. How else am I supposed to travel the world to personally greet my International audience?




  1. if you get that big-ass advance cheque can you make australia your first pit stop?

  2. Of course I will.

    Sorry Kevin and Paul, but the FuelMyBlog TV tour is second behind the Nursemyra Australian Extravaganza.

  3. I cant believe you havent got a book deal yet… or at least been sued.

    Oh yeah sorry I aint been around latley tech troubles, I know you hang on my sage like comments.

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