At least they beat out Dustin the Irish Turkey

May 27, 2008

“A travesty of musical justice!”

And we’re not talking about American Idol. We’re talking about Eurovision 2008. Well, actually Mikka’s talking about Eurovision 2008 because he’s the only one who followed it.

“I can’t believe Finland lost,” Mikka says. “I was so sure they’d win like they did in 2006.”

“Why’s that?” I ask.

“Because they sent another metal band to Eurovision,” says Mikka.

Sure enough they did. Sure, it wasn’t Lordi but Mikka was confident that Teräsbetoni’s Viking-like metal would propel Finland to victory. They finished 22nd.

“And we lost to the Russian version of Boys 2 Men,” Mikka ruefully says. “How do heavy metal vikings lose to that?”

“Well, the rest of the world doesn’t have as favorable a view of vikings that Scandinavians do,” I say. “You know, the whole raping and pillaging thing centuries ago.”

“But what about if these vikings are rocking really hard?” says Mikka.

“Obviously they didn’t rock hard enough to earn that sort of forgiveness,” I say.

Actually, that’s not a bad piece of self-advice. The solution to all your problems: Rock Harder.




  1. “Rock Harder”

    good name for a porn star

  2. They should have sent Dimmu Borgir… probably against the rules but whose going to stop Finland.

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