You don’t need a “U” to roll with Trent Lott

June 20, 2008

What’s good, peckerwoods?

It’s time yet again to award someone membership into the coveted Renal Failure T-Lott Posse.

And the newest person rollin’ with T-Lott is Qelqoth at The Cult of Qelqoth. He gets some mad props from the T-Lott Posse for being the first person to leave us not only a comment but a rating on our BlogCatalog profile. His review was short, but concise: “No review?! But this stuff fucking rocks!” It’s that sort of enthusiasm that gets the attention of the T-Lott Posse.

So crack open a forty and roll a fat spliff, Qelqoth. You’ve earned it. Representin’ Trent Lott on the hard streets of Wiz-ales, bitches!




  1. I’m just pleased that I am able to create awareness of that which does not suck and therefore, rules. Thanks for the linkety love and that T-Lott fellow is fucking hardcore.

  2. And the posse grows.

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