Treachery at the Japanese Steakhouse Part 3

June 25, 2008

The forced double-date between Mikka/Samurai Cathy and Ninja Vicki/Tag Larkin continues as the chef with the big hat and knife comes to the hibachi table and begins slicing stuff and flipping stuff around. He even does the onion volcano trick, which delights Tag Larkin because Tag Larkin loves volcanoes and he loves when things that aren’t volcanoes are turned into volcanoes even more.

“So, Mr. Larkin,” Samurai Cathy says to Tag Larkin. “How long have you and Victoria known each other?”

“Who’s that?” says Tag Larkin, popping open a fresh tall boy can.

“She’s talking about me, Tag,” Ninja Vicki says, annoyed.

“Hey, Tag Larkin can’t be bothered with names,” says Tag Larkin. “Tag Larkin is looking at the big picture.”

And that’s when Tag Larkin notices the large dragon tapestry on the wall and fixes his eyes on it.

“So, Mr. Larkin, what do-”

“Tag Larkin is looking at the big picture!” Tag Larkin bombastically interrupts Samurai Cathy’s question, and she is visibly taken aback by Tag Larkin’s outburst.

It’s now the time in the dinner where the chef tries to flip pieces of shrimp into the mouths of his customers. He gets Samurai Cathy on the first try. It takes two tries for Mikka to catch one. Ninja Vicki even takes down her mask to get a shrimp in her mouth. Tag Larkin catches one in his first try as well.

“Hey, keep it coming,” says Tag Larkin. The chef looks confused.

“Um, Mr. Larkin, I think we only get one,” Samurai Cathy informs him.

“Bullshit!” Tag Larkin yells. “Tag Larkin demands his food to be airborne!”

Now the chef looks scared.

“Just do as he says if you want everyone to walk out of here alive,” Mikka says to the chef.

And so the chef proceeds to flip Tag Larkin’s entire meal into his mouth one small piece at a time. Because the customer is always right, but only if he’s Tag Larkin.

To be continued…


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