Treachery at the Japanese Steakhouse Part 4

June 26, 2008

The double-date from hell stumbles toward the dessert and after-dinner drinks portion of the night. Mikka and Samurai Cathy have coffee. Ninja Vicki has some tea. Tag Larkin orders a hot fudge sundae, which they don’t have here at Upskirt Yoshi’s Japanese Steakhouse. Luckily there was a Dairy Queen nearby, otherwise things might have come to blows.

“I think we should double-date again,” says Ninja Vicki. “We’ve had such a wonderful time.”

“No, a wonderful time has Tag Larkin!” Tag Larkin says, digging into his ice cream.

Mikka notices Samurai Cathy has a very concerned look on her face, and it’s aimed at Tag Larkin. “What’s wrong, Cath?”

“It’s this Tag Larkin person,” Samurai Cathy quietly says. “I have never seen someone with such an indomitable spirit. It’s astonishing and it… it frightens me.”

And this gives Mikka serious pause, as Samurai Cathy fears no creature, living or dead.

“So, who’s up for some dancing at the BisquoTech?” says Ninja Vicki.

“Tag Larkin wants to go back to Tag Larkin’s place,” says Tag Larkin. “Tag Larkin has some etchings to show you… of his cock.”

And that makes Ninja Vicki’s eyebrows shoot up. “Um, Tag, this is only our first date…”

“Tag Larkin has needs!” yells Tag Larkin “Tag Larkin went to dinner with you. Tag Larkin hung out with your boring friends! Tag Larkin wants to make sure this evening wasn’t a waste of Tag Larkin’s time!”

“Well Tag Larkin is out of his frickin’ mind if he thinks I’m coming back to his place after a dinner where we went split the bill,” says Ninja Vicki. “And it’s not like you were Mr. Conversation either on this date.”

“Tag Larkin is not a man of words, Tag Larkin is a man of actions!” Tag Larkin declares, standing up from the table. “And if you can’t appreciate what Tag Larkin brings to a relationship then Tag Larkin says good night!”

And that’s when Tag Larkin takes his ice cream and storms out of the restaurant.

“Did I just get dumped by Tag Larkin?” Ninja Vicki says.

“Did Tag Larkin just leave without paying for his dinner?” says Mikka.

And that’s when Ninja Vicki throws down a pair of smoke balls and escapes through the ceiling.

To be concluded…



One comment

  1. “Tag Larkin wants to go back to Tag Larkin’s place,” says Tag Larkin. “Tag Larkin has some etchings to show you…”

    I’d like to think he could of stopped talking there and we all would of known what the etchings were of.

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