Treachery at the Japanese Steakhouse: Epilogue

June 27, 2008

“So both Tag Larkin and Ninja Vicki left without paying?” I say.

“Yeah, and we had to cover their portion of the bill,” says Mikka. We’re sharing some post-date beers at the bar. “This has completely ruined my budget for the week.”

“Can’t even take Samurai Cathy out on a Dollar Menu Date to McDonald’s, eh?” I say.

“Actually, I don’t have to worry about taking Cathy out because shes’s going on a week-long meditation sabbatical,” says Mikka. “All because of Tag Larkin.”

“So I take it her first encounter with Tag Larkin wasn’t something she was ready for,” I say.

“No one is ready for Tag Larkin,” says Mikka. “But you know who else is finding out the hard way that they’re not ready for Tag Larkin?”

Across town, Tag Larkin is standing outside Ninja Vicki’s house holding a boombox over his head and playing Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” on repeat in an attempt to win back the woman who stole his heart at dinner. Now you may question using a song with such lyrics like “I want your soul” and “I will eat your soul” on top of a harsh nightmarish electronic sound to win the heart of someone you are smitten with, but that’s why you’re you and not Tag Larkin.

What Tag Larkin doesn’t know is that Ninja Vicki snuck out of the house two hours ago. But that won’t stop Tag Larkin, because Tag Larkin is a man who can make a commitment, whether you want him to or not.



One comment

  1. Even with the film clip its not as scary as Peter Gabriel…

    Cathy doenst have feelings for Tag does she… that would be quite ironic… if ironic had a completely different meaning.

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