Sniper Cindy

July 1, 2008

Being a ninja, Ninja Vicki gets to hang out with other people in the assassin business. One of those people is Sniper Cindy.

Like Ninja Vicki, Sniper Cindy is a silent killer. Unlike Ninja Vicki, Sniper Cindy prefers to kill people from a distance.

And Sniper Cindy doesn’t have a “no women, no children” rule like most assassins have, because Sniper Cindy is a feminist and believes a woman is just as deserving as a man to have her head splattered by a bullet.

But she does have an off-duty rule (meaning when she’s shooting people in her free time) of only shooting people who are carrying guns. So she has a friend in the halls of state government give her a list of everyone who has license to carry a firearm in public. Then she goes hunting. She does it because she enjoys the irony that a person’s desire to carry a gun for self-defense is the very thing that would mark them for death.

And this is why Sniper Cindy will not shoot Samurai Cathy for Ninja Vicki, because Samurai Cathy only carries a sword.

“What if she’s got a bow and arrow?” Ninja Vicki asks Sniper Cindy as they share a beer up in a tree.

“Bow and arrow’s not a gun,” says Sniper Cindy. She’s a soft-spoken girl, at least compared to Ninja Vicki.

Sniper Cindy also earns extra money as a babysitter. She will watch your kids for you, through her sniper scope from across the street.


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