It’s not a recession-proof buffet

July 7, 2008

Mikka’s worried these days about losing his job at the wonton soup factory. A lot less people are going out to eat, and that means less people going to Chinese restaurants and buffets. Plus he heard that they laid some people off at the lo mein plant across town. So he’s dusting off his resume just in case the hammer falls on him and needs the help of someone with firmer grip of the English language than he does.

“Okay, first off, employers are not interested that you’ve beaten every Legend of Zelda game,” I say.

“Well, they should,” says Mikka. “It displays my keen problem-solving abilities.”

“No, it displays your ability to go to GameFaqs.com and read the walkthroughs for each game,” I say. “Otherwise you’d still be playing that last castle on Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.”

“That just shows my industrious nature and ability to do research,” says Mikka.

“Let’s move on to your references,” I say, “which consist of your Halo teammates on XBox Live…”

“Are you questioning the integrity of DrHeadShot and TrojanBlazer88?” says Mikka.

“No, but the person you’re interviewing with might,” I say.

“Well I don’t think I want to work with someone who has such disdain for DrHeadShot,” says Mikka.

“What sort of job do you think you’ll be applying for if you lose your wonton soup factory job?” I ask.

And Mikka shrugs. “I don’t know. Assistant to the Regional Manager?”

I don’t know if Mikka and Samurai Cathy have discussed moving in together, but Mikka might need to take this step if this is how he is going to handle his search for employment.



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  1. Can DrHeadShot give me a reference to.

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