Better Blogging Starts With Renal Failure

July 15, 2008

Brent over at the Ominous Comma has challenged his fellow humor bloggers to share their wisdom and enlighten their readers on their craft. And as Renal Failure likes to give something back to the community, we have decided to take on this challenge. That and we get to display a new fancy badge on our sidebar.

What can a blog of lies featuring a ninja, a half-cyborg cat, a crippled superhero, and a Wiccan pimp have to teach the world? Not as much as you would think, but still a good amount.

So you want to be a blogger whose primary function is humor or comedy or making people laugh? Emphasis on primary function, for if your goal is not to be funny but to be interesting or to entertain, this isn’t for you. Besides if you succeed in comedy you will be interesting and entertaining anyway. But if humor and comedy is what you want to do, then you need to know the First Commandment.

Comedy is the Lord your God. You shall have no other Gods before it.

Now, like most deities, Comedy is insecure and moody. So when you serve another master before you serve Comedy, Comedy will smite you in the form of you not being funny, which is death to someone whose cardinal purpose is to be funny. Though if you’re not about being funny, it’s not so bad.

So who does your writing serve first and foremost? Your philosophy? Your political leanings? Your kids? Comedy does not care about them. Comedy says fuck them. Fuck them with something uncomfortable. Not because comedy likes to fuck your kids (well, maybe it might, are your kids hot? Do they have supple skin and tussleable hair?), but violations of the First Commandment are subject to harsh punishment.

Can your comedy reflect these things that Comedy just said it wants to fuck? Yes it can, and if it’s good it will, but you make damn sure the funny comes first.

This is one factor in what will put you on the path to being above being merely a person who happens to be funny. This is elite level funny. You’ll be skillfully funny. Recommendably funny. Consistently funny. The kind of funny that is an art form to be admired, respected, and feared. Like the difference between being good at sex and being so good at sex that you get paid to be in porno. And I’m talking about the classy pornos they show in hotel rooms, not the ones shot in my basement with an old VHS camera and whoever we found at the bus station that night.

And it also helps if you’ve got Tag Larkin on your side.

Now it’s time for the part of the challenge where we challenge other bloggers to share what they know about blogging with the world. And those far are Nursemyra, Rickey Henderson, Alex L., Raincoaster, and Daisyfae. We would challenge TimeThief, but she’s already been teaching the world the art of better blogging for quite some time now.




  1. you funny man, Mr. Failure… thanks for the shout out… don’t know what i’ve got to teach the world about blogging, but i shall make an attempt. but first? the booze, dancing harlots and gratuitous sex (always gets me in the mood to write). back later…

  2. If I were interested in getting Tag Larkin on my side, would he charge by the hour or by the day?

    Good to see you rising to the challenge, sir. Well met.

  3. Done, dont worry that I didnt mention you in the post and I may have posted mine before you, my post is definetly in response to yours. Though mine doesnt mention supple skinned children… is it to late to change it?

  4. I’m not sure I’ve got any advice about blogging that’s worth sharing….. um…. how about “if you like something you read, leave a comment. it doesn’t matter how inane it is, the writer will always appreciate that you made the effort”

    it’s got nothing to do with humour but good manners will sometimes help you get laid :-)

  5. Hi there,
    Thanks for the link. I pretty well spend most of my free time reading, writing and publishing blogging advice. What can I say to your readers other than “read my blog” or “subscribe”?

    I have no doubt that your other readers can provide some. All they have to do is think back on the blogging catastrophes they have survived and they will have tips to share.

    Best wishes for better blogging. :)

  6. You are wise and sage, like…well, some sort of wise and sage thing. Um.

    Also, on an unrelated note, may I just say how delightful Nurse Myra is looking today.

    (Shall we adjourn to the boudoir now?)

  7. […] back, he also tagged invited me to share nuggets of wisdom regarding how to write funny shit on a blog.  Not a meme – but a writing challenge – launched by Brent as a means to increase […]

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