Tag Larkin Brings the Ruckus

July 18, 2008

Tag Larkin brings the ruckus.

If you’re throwing a pot luck dinner, don’t ask Tag Larkin to bring a casserole or some gouda or a bottle of zinfandel. Because when you invite Tag Larkin to a pot luck dinner, you can count on two things: 1) you’re going to need a lot of paper towels, and 2) there’s only one thing Tag Larkin will be bringing…

Tag Larkin brings the ruckus.

When Tag Larkin was applying for a passport for his trip to Scotland so he could fuck the Loch Ness Monster, they told him to bring two forms of identification with his application. So Tag Larkin bursts into the government office with his driver’s license in one hand, and something else that clearly identified him as Tag Larkin in the other.

Tag Larkin brings the ruckus.

And when Tag Larkin came back from Scotland and the guy at the customs counter asked him if he had anything to declare, Tag Larkin declared straight up what he brought back with him.

Tag Larkin brings the ruckus.

Originally Tag Larkin was in the movie The Breakfast Club, and during the scene when Principal Vernon comes storming into the library claiming to have heard a ruckus, Tag Larkin jumps up and said “Yeah, there was a ruckus, and I brought it!” But then later they edited all of Tag Larkin’s parts out of the movie because it made Judd Nelson’s character look less bad-ass. Why?

Because Tag Larkin brings the ruckus.

And why does Tag Larkin bring the ruckus? Because if Tag Larkin brought anything else, well, he wouldn’t be Tag Larkin then, now would he?




  1. Pffft, Judd Nelson, he’s not even close.

  2. Is Tag Larking going to be sued by the ‘Chuck Norris Facts’ people?

  3. you make ruckus sound so sexy

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