Saturday Meta 07/19/08

July 19, 2008

We got reviewed at Ask and Ye Shall Receive this week, earning two out of four stars. Considering many of the blogs they review just get flaming middle fingers, I believe we did all right for ourselves (and we got a lot of hits too).

Father Gene enjoyed the effort and the look of the site, but just couldn’t get into the weird sense of humor that Renal Failure emits. In an email to Father Gene I likened this blog to a strange sexual maneuver. For some people, it does nothing for them. For others, it’s like seeing the very face of God. Apparently he doesn’t like that thing we do with our tongue.

This isn’t the first time we’ve befuddled a reviewer. A few of the Humor-Blogs.com reviewers didn’t quite seem to get us either. But our high review score showed that the people who got us really got us.

Speaking of humor-blogs.com, Diesel’s got a new scoring system over there. Now if you’re a Humor-Blogs.com member, you can give our posts a positive rating and move us up the leaderboard. And if you’re not… um… then you can’t.

But it’s pretty clear that Renal Failure is rather esoteric, that’s why we don’t have the high visit numbers of other blogs. But the readers that do get what Renal Failure’s about seem to absolutely love us. Do we attract a higher level of blog reader? That’s a nice idea… we’ll go with that.

Just as long as Nursemyra adores us, we’re good.

Oh, and one other thing… there is only one writer here at Renal Failure. And it’s me. It’s always been that way. So who is me? Don’t worry about that. It’s not important. But just know that there is only one writer here at Renal Failure, and the little picture tags at the end of each post are just for decoration and to break things up before I put those social links at the bottom of the post.

Our mysterious ways sometimes breeds confusion… and not the good kind.




  1. you betcha sweet ass that nursemyra loves ya baby

  2. I enjoy your site and Nurse Myra appears to be profoundly disturbed. I say that with deep reverence.

    I enjoy y’all a lot. The reviewers are great for the most part, they have introduced me to a few new blogs worth reading, you’re one.

    So I Fucking Love You (and Myra too).


  3. Yeah, I’m definitely glad you got reviewed over at Ask. I’m with Sue on this one. Love it.

  4. Welcome aboard Sue and Rassles. Hope you become regular Renal readers. And there’s our long back catalog of exploits to check out too.

    And always check out the good nurse’s site as well.

  5. I dont care if theres only one author as long as he writes about Tag Larkin, I love that bastard, and… I have fairly… similar, feelings, towards you… all platonic of course.

  6. I have a crush on anonymous doug. at least I think it’s him…..

  7. It is definitely all about Tag Fucking Larkin.

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