Your rate is adjustable… IN BLOOD!

August 6, 2008

It is well-known that Ninja Vicki owns the house she lives in on my block.  It is less-known, however, how she was able to afford her house.

“Easy, I got a ninja loan,” says Ninja Vicki.

“A no-income, no job, no assets loan?” I say.  “That sounds really risky.”

“Well, my ninja loan was a little different than that,” says Ninja Vicki.

“How so?” I ask.

“Well, I told the guy at the bank that if he didn’t give me the money that I would sneak into his house and slit his family’s throats as they slept,” says Ninja Vicki.  “And being a ninja I can do that quite easily.”

“So what’s the interest rate on your mortgage?” I ask.

“What mortgage?” says Ninja Vicki.  “I just said give me the money.  And he did.”

Now that is a true ninja loan.



  1. I’m so wantin’ me one of them ninja loans. Then I could really afford the house I live in.

  2. Attention! As you are so wondrously excellent, I have decided to offer you a token of my respect, which you may find in my journals.

    You may now have to change your name from Renal Failure to Renal Ruddy Great Success, however.

    Do enjoy!

    – Lord Likely.

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