Representin’ the trailer park for the posse

August 7, 2008

Looking at the current membership of Renal Failure’s Trent Lott Posse, we’re afraid that it might become a bit of a sausagefest. But our newest inductee is definitely going to change that image.

Today we welcome Daisyfae as the newest person who’s rolling with the T-Lott Posse, and give her this nice graphic to show off to her kids…

Why is Daisyfae in the posse? Because she hangs out with nursemyra. In Spain. Where together they did their own Corset Friday. And she owns a Xena outfit too.

And she’s been a steady reader and commenter for a while too, which always scores points with us.

So order up some Courvoisier and raise your glass to Daisyfae. She’s out of the trailer park and into the high life of the T-Lott Posse.




  1. daisyfae is dynamite!

  2. Word.

    T Lott is my homey. the DF don’t do no blog bling, mo fo… got some awards, some shouts, props from my bitches, but never did the patch. My crib is pristine…

    Until now. i will proudly sport King Honkey’s swag over at the park. (um, once i figure out how to park it there!)

  3. Yeah Boiiiy, we rollin now, all over the… erh, which side do we roll east or west…

  4. Jesus. You’re letting that woman in the door. Poor bastards!

  5. Dirty South, Alex! Dirty South!

    Dirty New South Wales?

  6. Dirty south? Brother swings both ways (?)… not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  7. South side homies representing!

  8. hey I live in New South Wales – alex is in Victoria (not the long dead queen – at least I don’t think so…..)

  9. SHES DEAD!!!

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