Sunday Meta 08/17/08

August 17, 2008

In the interests of getting more readers to the Failure, we’ve gotten ourselves listed over at the brand new HumorBloggers.com, run by humor-blogs.com denizen Chelle B of The Offended Blogger.  And once again, we are the only blog there that has a half-cyborg cat, a Wiccan pimp, and a paraplegic superhero.

Also in the interests of socializing, we’re also participating this fall in the first-ever Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League, run by Chris over at Angry Seafood (he interviewed us in March for his Bloggers Speak feature)  Ten humor-blogs.com members go in, only one comes out the winner of picking football players who do very well when it comes to gaining yards and scoring touchdowns and not getting arrested.  League play begins when the NFL regular season does.

We might not be as good as nursemyra when it comes to promoting Renal Failure, but we’re getting better.

One comment

  1. as your PR nurse, I submitted your blog to a review site I found yesterday… but I can’t remember what it was now :-(

    let me know if you hear from them

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