Your humor is bad and you should feel bad

September 4, 2008

Like Tag Larkin, I too am a particular man. But until a recent study I wasn’t sure why I was so particular in one aspect of my life.

Unfunny jokes garner hatred, hostility, and sometimes violence from those unfortunate to hear such dreck, according to a Washington State University linguist. The reasons being, as stated in this article:

First, such canned humor often disrupts the natural flow of conversation. And jokes that fail to deliver humor are a violation of a social contract, so punishing the teller can discourage similar behavior in the future.

Finally, a stupid joke insults the listener by suggesting that he or she might actually find it funny, Bell said.

I would like to take these finding one step further with a personal confession. Well, maybe a few steps further over a steep precipice into a canyon of bone-ripping jagged rocks.

Renal Failure is listed on Humor-Blogs.com and HumorBloggers.com, which has given Renal Failure exposure to a wider audience who might be interested in our lies, but has also given us a look at a bunch of other blogs that we wouldn’t have found on our own, specifically blogs of the humor genre (or humour for our international audience).

Now Renal Failure believes that a blog should provide what it says it does. In our case, we provide wild fabrications and outright lies so we fulfill our end of the bargain.  So if I read a blog that tells me it’s funny, and (after reading several posts) it ends up being not funny, I admit to feeling a bit hostile toward it. More so than if I read a site that didn’t claim to be oh-so-hilarious and, true to form, it wasn’t funny, because at least they weren’t trying to sell me a bad bill of goods.

I also feel the same way about blogs that claim to be all about wacky or crazy or insane observations and ramblings and whatnot and then fall short of those claims.

And if someone recommends something as really funny and it turns out it’s really not, then I hate the unfunny thing as well as the person who hyped it up. They don’t even have to say it directly to me, if I read a glowing post or comment somewhere else about a blog or a video or whathaveyou and that recommendation gets me check it out and it doesn’t measure up, I’m pissed off.

Some of this comes from me being an ultra-competitive prick. Kind of like in Red Sonja where the title character will not have sex with anyone who can’t best her combat, except with me it’s being entertaining and funny instead of swordfighting, and no one has sex afterwards.

Another part comes from my usual anti-social misanthropic tendencies. Sometimes hating the human race isn’t so charming.  What, did you think someone writing lies about a half-cyborg cat and a Wiccan pimp was well adjusted? I have enough baggage to keep an A-10 Warthog from taking off.

And the rest comes from me being a particular man of particular tastes.

So I’d like to thank sociology for actually helping me with something for a change, instead just sitting there being one of the more useless -ologies out there. But less so than coleopterology. Fuck your study of beetles and weevils.




  1. hey couldn’t agree more. I’m sure there are some great blogs on humourblogs.com but I’ve dropped in there several times and read a lot of shite. shouldn’t someone be monitoring the content? don’t you have to make someone laugh to get a foot in the door?

  2. whenever I read a person’s description of their own blog and they say it’s HILARIOUS or SO FUNNY!, I avoid it. If you have to state what someone else should discover on their own, then it ain’t so.

  3. I always take comfort in the fact that true genius is rarely appreciated in its time.

    My own Astonishing Adventures are languishing at number 82 in the humor-blogs.com rankings, behind a site where the writer merely posts up ‘funny’ and ‘wacky’ pictures found on this here ‘inter-web’.

    It makes one wonder why one bothers to craft such supremely entertaining tales and stories sometimes.

    Maybe we should form our own humourous blogs web-site, wherein we would be the only two members.

    Nurse Myra can be our groupie.

  4. I will usually read a couple of posts before deciding but I don’t really waste much energy with being annoyed about the disappointments.

    And for the very creative Lord Likely, I am utterly at a loss for the explanation of rankings at Humor-blogs. I routinely vote for what I like and I get quite a broad range from the HB rss feed.

  5. Nursemyra: The Nursemyra test is the only test on the Internet worth passing.

    Dana: In those cases I think to myself “Who are they trying to convince, me or themselves?” And then I think “I could go for some beef lo mien.”

    LordLikely: Can we call our two-blog conglomerate Likely Failure?

    Augusto: But the blogs that don’t measure up are still disappointments to you. My disappointments are just amplified by my bad wiring.

  6. How can you possibly get worked up or even care whether your blog is doing well or not when the most widely read blogs got their mainly by accident? Either the blogger got fired for blogging about her job right at the time the mainstream news media had never even heard about blogging and so splashed her name on the front page, or someone got the idea to create a site where everyone sends in a picture of their cat with a caption in mangled English.

    In the former case I’ve never found anything worth reading on dooce or petite anglaise, and as for cheezburger – gag me.

    You guys are at least original and funny. Keep up the good work.

  7. Dana said: ‘whenever I read a person’s description of their own blog and they say it’s HILARIOUS or SO FUNNY!, I avoid it. If you have to state what someone else should discover on their own, then it ain’t so.’

    Thats why mine is just, ‘Aimless, pointless, senseless… what more do you want’… I figure no one can complain after not laughing at it then.

    Anyone that can work a Red Sonja reference into a post so effortlessly deserves far more praise than they get.

  8. how about “Lord Renal”?

  9. You know, people have been dropping Red Sonja references like Q-Tip for the past couple of weeks. Is she on everyone’s mind because of the Rose McGowan remake? Or did Brigitte Nielsen do some stupid shit with Flava Flav again?

    I’m befuddled.

  10. In my case, it’s because Red Sonja is the shit.

  11. True words.

  12. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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