Tag Larkin vs. Sarah Palin’s children

September 8, 2008

Regular Renal readers might remember back during the Republican primaries that our very own Tag Larkin had declared war on one of Mitt Romney’s sons, Tagg Romney. For there can be only one Tag! Well, Mitt Romney got knocked out of the running for President and Tag Larkin declared victory.

But a new challenger has appeared. Actually, two new challengers…

See, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has two sons, Track and Trig. Now while they might not be named Tag they do have odd one syllable names beginning with T, and Tag Larkin sees that as trying to sneak in on his territory. And Tag Larkin puts the terror in territorial, as well as the oral in territorial too.

Tag Larkin will not be challenged by Track Palin or Trig Palin. And Tag Larkin doesn’t care that Trig Palin is less than a year old or that he has Down’s Syndrome. Tag Larkin takes on all comers, because Tag Larkin knows you’re not the best until you beat everyone. And that means everyone.

And just remember, Tag Larkin is one-for-one against political candidates who have a child Tag Larkin is at war with.



  1. good luck, Tag… be careful, they’ve got *GOD* as a co-pilot. (i’m hoping they crash in the mountains and eat him, myself…)

  2. Good luck against the retard.

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