Better Know a Renal Player: Tag Larkin

September 19, 2008

Tag Larkin plays by his own rules.

Nobody gets close to Tag Larkin.

Tag Larkin loves America.

Tag Larkin answers to nobody.

Tag Larkin goes all out.

Tag Larkin has oversight authority.

Tag Larkin regrets nothing.

Tag Larkin beats Tagg Romney, because Tag Larkin always wins.

Tag Larkin is looking out for the kids.

Tag Larkin has too much pride.

Tag Larkin misunderstands his relationships with others.

Tag Larkin will get in that ass.

Tag Larkin doesn’t sell out to the man.

Tag Larkin drinks your milkshake, and then vetoes your beer.

Tag Larkin is persistent when it comes to love.

Tag Larkin brings the ruckus.

Tag Larkin is a particular man and will be your mayor.

So do you think you better know Tag Larkin? Wrong! Tag Larkin better knows you!




  1. Tag Larkin is not related to Sarah Palin

  2. If Tag Larkin wants to be then he is Nurse!

  3. Tag Larkin for president.

  4. ok, I’ll vote for that

  5. Tag Larkin isn’t related to anyone, because no one can relate to Tag Larkin.

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