Some guys dig a bigger posse

November 13, 2008

It’s time once against to induct a new member into the Trent Lott Posse.

Rassles found her way to Renal Failure from our unspectacular review at Ask And Ye Shall Receive (who also reviewed Nursemyra’s site and found it too hardcore even for them) and decided to stick around here. We know this because right after the review is when she started commenting here on a regular-like basis. And regular-like commenting gets you in good with the Failure, just ask the other members of the T-Lott Posse who proudly display this badge…


So for her support of such Renal programming, we hereby welcome Rassles into this exclusive club, giving her all the rights and privileges that membership provides, one of which being that Trent Lott himself will pour out some of his Old English 800 in your memory when you’re dead.



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  1. I want to say something cleverer than like, T-Lott in the hizz-ouse, but I’m stupid today. So…I humbly accept membership into this extremely exclusive and desirable club, and I thank you. Can we get rings like the Skulls? Of T-Lott’s skull?

    (or am I not supposed to talk about that?)

  2. Representing for the new member, jin juice, all that!

  3. Wow I just read your’s and the nurses review on that site, you two got pasted.

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