Democracy means being supported by strangers

November 17, 2008

Last I looked, we’re currently in second place in the voting for HumorBloggers.com Satire and Parody Humor Blogger of the Year Category.  Despite the zealous voting efforts of myself and other protectors of the Failure Faith such as Nursemyra, and Alex L., the HumorBloggers poll is set up that you can only vote once from your location, thus thwarting our ballot box-stuffing efforts.

So if you’ve already voted for us and still want to continue helping us beat Chelle in a popularity contest on her own site, you can do one of three things:

1) Tell your friends who aren’t Regular Renal Readers to go vote for Renal Failure at HumorBloggers.com. If they’re really your friends, they’ll do this for you.

2) If you have a laptop, go to every wi-fi hotspot you can and vote for us from those connections.  It’s a new location and therefore it’s a new vote.

3) go to every library you know and vote for us from their computers.  And maybe pick up a book too because a book can open your mind to wondrous worlds.  Especially if it’s Naked Lunch by Williams S. Burroughs.

The voting continues until November 30th, and if we win we move onto the HumorBloggers Finals where we compete with the other category winners for the chance to be crowned Humor Blogger of the Year.  And that prize would look really good in our sidebar.



Vote for us for Best Satire and Parody Blogger of the Year at HUMORBLOGGERS.COM!



  1. i shall forward the link to my blog-addicted friends. and i shall vote again from Chicago when i arrive on business tomorrow… appropriately, the land of historical ballot-stuffage.

  2. Just like in any election I shall plead and beg people to vote for my favorite candidate.

  3. Have I told my reading “Naked Lunch” story on your blog before? I don’t want to repeat myself if I already have

    off to vote again now……

  4. got my son to vote for you too, it’s neck and neck now :-)

  5. Just voted from my iphone. Thats 2 in the bank.

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