Turn Back the Renal Clock: April 2007 Part Two

November 18, 2008

Avonia the Wiccan Pimp tells us how Christianity is just a lot of plagiarized ideas.

It’s hard to call out of work when you don’t have a job.

If you’re an old wrinkly white guy in a cowboy hat, no one is going to take it well when you call 12 black girls nappy headed ho’s on a national radio show.

The Good Lord giveth, and the Good Lord taketh away. Especially if the takething is funny.

I caught a bit of the Rebel during Confederacy Heritage Month. I got better.

avonia smallnote


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  1. For the record, I have voted, oh Humo(u)rous one. There is a fekkin’ U in humour, people. Eish.

  2. Sorry… vulgar americans over here. We dropped the “U” out of most words, seeing how we’re really overly-interested in the concept of “I” in the States.

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