T-Shirt Friday

November 28, 2008

Our number one fan Nursemyra is known for her Corset Fridays, but the last Friday of the month over at her place is T-Shirt Friday. The last couple months she’s been encouraging her readers to join her in showing off their favorite t-shirts for all to see, and this month Renal Failure is finally joining in the fun.


I believe I got this t-shirt in 1997 from some store that no longer exists, and I will wear it until it falls apart.





  1. hee hee I like it :-)

  2. best t-shirt I’ve seen this year xxx

  3. LOVE this shirt… but what if she’s facing the other way?

  4. Well then she can’t read the shirt.

    But then maybe she’s got a shirt that has a message on the bottom of it that says “If you can read this I am sitting on your face.”

  5. No, that would have to be printed upside down on a thong.

    Shirt cited in a Stephen King story: “My face is leaving in 5 minutes / Be On It”

  6. Definitely a classy piece of attire

  7. renalfailure is a classy guy. even tag larkin says so

  8. sit of my face and tell me that you love me, sit on my face and tell me that you care…

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