Back on the clock

December 1, 2008

Before the new posts start again… we’d like to draw your attention to the GenderAnalyzer. Apparently it thinks Renal Failure is written by a woman.

And thanks to everyone who went over to HumorBloggers.com to vote for us this past month. Unfortunately we came in second in the Satire and Parody category to Chelle B., who runs the site. It’s never easy to win against the house but we gave it our best shot.  Patience, Renal Readers, vengeance is a dish best cooked slowly and served piping hot into someone’s lap.

Also apparently I drink too much green tea. But that just means I have enough antioxidants to choke a cancer horse…

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  1. apparently I’m moderate – chipper and perky

  2. It’s saying my blog is written by a woman too…but yours has always seemed to be androgynous. Not that I’m complaining AND, he quickly adds, not that he’s saying anything about his own sexuality. Sorry, you lost to Chelle B. Your satire is more dead-on than hers. I don’t really see hers as satire and parody as much as your blog.

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