There’s a reason it’s called Black Friday

December 2, 2008

The Friday after Thanksgiving here in America is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, considering it’s the start of the Christmas shopping season and a lot of people have off from work that day. It’s known as Black Friday, for reasons most people have long forgotten.

For Ninja Vicki, however, Black Friday is her busiest day of sneaking into people’s houses and stealing their stuff.

“Everyone goes out shopping, and it’s pretty much an open invitation to start ganking shit,” says Ninja Vicki, now the proud owner of someone else’s Blu-Ray DVD player.

Also, because it’s the holiday season, people are more inclined to replace the things that Ninja Vicki has stolen from them, meaning she has a good reason to double dip a residence.

“Buy as many copies of Full Metal Jacket as you want, I’ll keep taking them,” says Ninja Vicki. “Though I prefer that you try to replenish your depleted movie collection with other movies. Or maybe with some TV show DVD collections.”

Ninja Vicki likes stealing from people with taste. She used to steal from Mikka, but then he started dating Samurai Cathy and she put a stop to that. Now she has to find someone in town who has Season Three of Farscape to steal.

vicki smallnote




  1. YES. Gank. I haven’t used “gank” in forever.

  2. I have season three… oh wait no I dont I was lying, yeah definitely lying… I also dont have season four and the mini series.

  3. oh. oh! i know someone who has a boxed cd set of showtime’s dead like me. and i know when she goes to school. and i have a key to her apartment. heh heh.

  4. I like an entrepreneur!

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