The loophole to our meme rule

December 15, 2008

Here at Renal Failure, we usually adhere to a “no memes” rule. This isn’t an absolute rule, however, as we’ll partake in a meme that has an award to display with it, because we love to show shit off. But even then, we’re still very selective on what we accept meme-wise.

But Hedon over at Highway Hags has figured out another loophole to this rule, one that we didn’t even think of. See, she didn’t just give us an award with a meme, she gave Renal Failure the award and a particular Renal Failure Playerthe meme: Tina the Lesbian.

And so for Hedon’s craftiness, we now complete the second part of this award to show how well we measure up, or rather Tina the Lesbian now completes the second part of this award.

1) Say one nice thing to a man in your life: “Tag Larkin helped me get my food processor back from my neighbor. He also got my neighbor’s leather recliner and surround sound stereo system too. Didn’t really ask him to do that, but it was very nice of him.”

2) List at least six ways that you measure success in your life (or your blog):

“If I make it through the day without wanting a bus to fall on someone, I guess that’s a successful day.”

“Anytime I make it out of a Renal Failure post without looking like an ass… that sounds like a good measure of success. Though compared to some other people, it’s rather easy.”

“If I’m depressed, a day without crying is a success. Gives me something hopeful to build off of.”

“A good night out is when I find me a nice sugar mama to ply me with cosmos down at ClamLappers. A successful night is when that sugar mama is hot. Or at least has decent shoes.”

“I don’t know if being rich necessarily means being successful. But probably being rich enough not to worry about the same stuff you do when you’re broke is probably a good sign of success. I’m willing to test that theory if someone wants to hook a lesbo up here.”

“Finally… any day where I thwart the machinations of Lance Patriarchy is a successful day.”

And now like any good meme or STD, we must pass this on to six other blogs. And so we’re hitting up the Trent Lott Posse for this.

Alex L.

And our Number One Fan Nursemyra. For no one else draws out our measuring tape quite like the good nurse.




  1. Like you, I don’t normally do memes, and thus I won’t normally do this one. I will do it abnormally, however. I don’t know exactly what the fuck I mean, but something will come out of it. I’ll give ‘er a go.

  2. I can’t believe y’all did it! I feel like it’s Christmas already!

    That Tina is a kick-ass lesbian-type chick.

  3. Alright, it might take a while to get posted but I’ll do it.

  4. I have to decline, but I’m still your number one fan xx

  5. Does anyone else thinks it’s funny that all of us seem to be anti-meme?

  6. Who isn’t anti-meme? Actually I don’t mind the actual meme so much, but I hate the tagging. I’ve decided that Renal Failure is the last blog I’m going to tag. That makes this special… or something.

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