Trouble Brewing

December 19, 2008


What? Can’t a man have some fucking SleepyTime Tea? You’re saying a man can’t have himself a nice hot motherfucking cup of SleepyTime Tea before going to bed? Fuck you! I’m going to have me some fucking SleepyTime Tea. What are you going to do about? Nothing, that’s what, you cock-washer.

You smell that? You fucking smell that? That’s chamomile, bitch! Chamo-fucking-mile. You know what that shit does? It relaxes me, that’s what it fucking does. Asshole. It is soothing and it is calming, you cunt. Can you do that? What? I didn’t catch that? Sounded like “no” to me. Sounded like a big fucking “no” to me.

Look at that fucking bear! Look at him! Look at him wearing that nightshirt, chilling by the fire, rocking that nightcap like the bad motherfucker that he is! Don’t tell me I can’t have some fucking sleepy time tea, not with that fucking bear on the box.

So yeah, step off my dick. I”m having a nice cup of motherfucking sleepy time tea and you can have a nice cup of suck my ass. Sleepy Time, bitch. Sleepy Time.

avonia smallnote




  1. “step off my dick”? I’m having visions over here now……

  2. First of all, “cock-washer” just blew my fucking mind.

    Second of all, I about threw a shit fit when they discontinued Gramma’s Tummy Mint Tea. Chamomile AND mint tea? Best ever.

  3. I want some damn Sleepy Time Xanax and Jack Fucking Daniels!!! So fuck that shit…

  4. Holy shit!!! Get that raving lunatic his sleepytime tea!! It’s obvious that what you really need is a good screw!

  5. I’ll have tea to instead of a cup of suck my ass.

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