Slipping in just under the T-Shirt Friday wire

December 26, 2008

Just when it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to participate in NurseMyra’s month-end tradition of T-Shirt Friday, the US Postal Service comes through for me at the last minute.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a digital camera for Christmas so I’m still using my craptastic cell phone for my pictures, and my bathroom for its superior lighting.


I found it hard to compete with last month’s T-shirt of mine, especially after I got rid of all my old Hot Topic funny-saying black t-shirts that I wore every day during my college years.  But when you’re pushing 30, a shirt reading “I Do Whatever the Voices in My Head Tell Me To Do” or “Sleeps Well With Others”  isn’t so charming.  Or maybe it still is and I mistakenly bought into some bad maturity bullshit.  Or perhaps it’s less a case of maturity and more a case of wardrobe evolution.


Regardless of the correct answer, Cammy says hi.





  1. i still want to see “RenalWear” clothing in 2009… Bernie the Half Cyborg Cat will appeal mightily to the “World of Warcraft” set…

  2. Maturity is overrated.

  3. *wolf whistling*

    hey Rf, you look smokin’ hot!!!!!

  4. “bad maturity bullshit”

    Yep. I’m 40 and still wear stupid t-shirts. Of course, I am back in school, so I fit right in . . .

  5. I dunno, I’m a hell of a lot closer to 60 than thirty, and I’d wear a “Sleeps well with others” T-shirt. You didn’t do badly with your craptastic phone, and I like the T-shirt.

    P.S. I’m old, but not grown-up.

  6. P.S. Looking forward to the Avonia the Wiccan Pimp T-shirt.

  7. There’s something about pigtails ……..

  8. daddyp you’re way past pigtails…..

  9. Yeah, because if you’re pushing thirty those Xbox t-shirts are oozing with finesse…

    That being said, nice.

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