An Anonymous Christmas

December 30, 2008

“So what did you get for Christmas?” I ask Anonymous Doug as we sit at the bar.

“I never get anything for Christmas,” says Anonymous Doug. “No one remembers to buy me anything.”

“Oh, that’s right,” I say. “Wow, that must be really embarrassing at family functions.”

“Eh, I’ve gotten used to it,” says Anonymous Doug. “Oh wait, I did get a little Christmas surprise this year. My cousin Larry finally stopped drinking.”

“That’s nice,” I say. “What brought that about?”

“He slammed his car into the side of an overpass at 50 miles an hour,” says Anonymous Doug.

“Yeah, that’ll do it,” I say with a sigh. “Christmas really isn’t your time of year, is it?”

“At least I don’t have to buy anyone else presents,” says Anonymous Doug.




One comment

  1. If you’ve been to my blog in the past month, you will see that my intense depression intensifies during the fa la la season of immense torture. At least it’s over. And I will spend the next year doing a mental countdown of the upcoming fa la la season. This is NOT the season of celebration for those of us who have a front row seat in the movie “WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE” knowing that we are in the wrong part of the movie, climbing over the railing on the bridge.

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